The Bombay Chamber Orchestra


I believe that, with the knowledge of music expressed by amateurs who get together to make music as orchestral groups, there will spring, in the future, an existence of peace and understanding between nations which is unfortunately so lacking at present.

After all, God gave us music that we may pray without words. What is so evident is the lack of spiritual values in our world today. The conflict that exists among different religions and communities can be overcome with love of the Arts.

Let us dedicate ourselves anew to the true spirit of music. In this sad world, let us music makers renew faith and understanding that we can live in peace and harmony irrespective of the faith we believe in.

   022 2207 3274
   March 25, 2019
   Wedding Orchestra
   Venkatesh Chambers,, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

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