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Segals Solutions is a World-class Quality product range - the Best, Natural range of products for all hair/scalp issues, that contain very special n unique ingredients.
Segals Solutions products contain unique ethnobotanical ingredients, unheard of in India and not available in any single formulation in India. No Drugs. No Chemicals. Fast. Safe. Effective. Products have generated an excellent positive feedback.
With Segals Solutions Products get best treatment for
Thinning Hair problems,
Severe hairloss and weak hair roots
Itching and Dandruff problems
Oily Scalp
Dry Scalp
Damage and Dry, Frizzy Hair, etc
The success of a product is based on its ingredients and with confidence it could be stated that virtually no other product range contains the ingredients contained in Segals Solutions. Even 10% of the ingredients are not found in any other product range !
Saw Palmetto is one of the various ingredients that form part of Segals Solutions. Some of the various ingredients in Segals Solutions are listed below -
Saw Palmetto
Stinging Nettle
Fo Ti
Horsetail Extract
Rooibos Extract
Rosemary Extract
Quillaja Extract
Pygeum Extract
Gingko Biloba
Willowherb Extract
Sage Extract
Capsicum & Cayenne Extract
Comfrey Extract
Burdock Root Extract
Grapeseed Extract
Green Tea
Hydrolysed Wheatprotein
Aloe Barbedenisis
Tetra Peptides
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B12
Vitamin E
Silk Amino Acid
Salicylic Acid
Jojoba Oil
Hempseed Oil
Product range is vast and consists of dedicated Hair Supplements (not generalised multivitamin type), Topical Application Formulas, Scalp Serum, SLS n Parabens-Free Fortified Shampoos, Conditioners including Leave-In and Deep Conditioners and other treatment and maintenance products for strong, healthy hair....right from the roots.
Segals Solutions products are manufactured in International GMP Certified Labs in Canada and are Exclusively brought in India in a prepackaged form.
Free, Professional Hair/Scalp Advisory is available for all users/consumers. Call - +91.98841.99958
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