My MBBS Abroad Educational Services


My MBBS Abroad Educational Services is a Premier Medical Education Consultancy with a Very experienced and Professional Team of Counsellors and Administration. The Counsellors are very friendly and informative and are ready to assist you with any kind of assistance be required.

A Sea Of Options To Choose

My MBBS Abroad is the ONLY Medical Education Consultant to have Multiple Choice of Institutions for the students to choose from. Generally Medical Education Consultants represent one, two or maximum three institutions at a time and recommend students to enrol with those institutions only. My MBBS Abroad represents almost ever y institution that offers quality education and recommends the Best and Fully Accredited ones out of them.

   February 4, 2019
   2nd Floor, # 16, Mahalingapuram Main Road, Opp Brownstone Apts, Mahalingapuram Nungambakkam, Chennai -600 034.

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